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When and where can I choose my optional Special Events and do I have to pay any additional costs?

Pre-purchase you can check the Nightlife Special Event Calendar page here, and select the Special Event you would like to visit. Than select the preferred Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and complete your purchase. If you have booked a 2 or 3-7 days ticket, you can add the additional Special Events directly after you've completed your payment.

If you have already booked your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, but have not selected any of the available Special Events, you can do so by click the 'Add Special Event button' on your order confirmation page. You can can visit this page at anytime from your Nightlife Ticket confirmation email.

If you encounter any issues with adding Special Events, please send us an email to with the Special Event(s) you would like to visit.
We will add it manually to your order and you will receive a separate confirmation email.

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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